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The Experiment - 200 kids locked in Addiction's Lair. See what happens.

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Anatomy of a Smoker

The kids are raving about the skit performed by Phoenix Theatre: Anatomy of a Smoker with Wild Man Mo.

Wow!!!!…That skid was totally crazy, I wasn’t sure if he was alive or dead, I thought that he was killed in a crash, I never imagine that CIGARETTES were the cause of such an amazing man!….Wow that was a wakeup call!…

The Skit that was performed Earlier was really interesting. It actually wasnt boring and it was funny. Its very true everything they said. I enjoyed Watching it as much as i enjoyed being here …

More to come from Phoenix Theatre – stay tuned for Smoke and Mirrors about Big Tobacco in the Boardroom starting starting at 9:30am.

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Let the Addiction Continue …

Old Main

The Experiment Brought to you by Addiction

I’m tobacco addiction and today is the day I’ve been waiting for!!! After a night of disruptions, my addiction experiment is continuing in Old Main at Arizona State University … 200 kids and only one way out – THROUGH ME!

tick tock tick tock, have them trapped ’round the clock …

You can check in at any time by watching the live stream on the homepage.  Trust me, it’s going to be a smokin’ good time.

Be sure to tune in to watch Phoenix Theatre perform 2 skits titled “Anatomy of a Smoker” and “Smoke and Mirrors” which talks about how Big Tobacco targets kids with their advertising.  Watch what you say about Big Tobacco …. those my peeps!



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Addiction’s Little Minions

Fun to watch everyone get into this! Love the minons! They’re creepy and funny.  Can’t wait to see what they will do next!

Say hello to my little friends.  Im sure together we can give you one heck of a fight. – Addiction

Spit Can
Butt Bucket
Smoke Ring
Tar Stain
Gutter Filth
Second hand
Candy Coat
Warning Label


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