Scrapbook: Memories



Brain hemorrhage is just one benefit to smoking. How do you feel about comas?

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Watch your step

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Tracheotomy Here

Signs you may need one: Mass in the neck, Bleeding from the mouth, Sinus congestion due to nasopharyngeal carcinoma, sores in the mouth that do not heal (yummy).


Cancer Kazoo

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Lung Cancer

1.3 Million people die each year worldwide from lung cancer. The mortality rate for men is 31% and women 26%.

Respiratory System

The lungs are home to some of my personal favorites. Bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. I call them my triple threat.

Circulatory System

Heart attacks, heart disease and coronary artery disease just to name a few. This gets my heart pounding.

Liver Cancer

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Piggy Bank

Pocket Change

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Stomach and Intestines

Reduced stomach and intestine lining, ulcers, bleeding... it can all happen at a drop of a hat. Did I mention acid reflux?

Chemistry Set

Bubble Guts

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Coronary Artery Disease Set

Poor circulation can cause ulcers, pain, even the need to amputate limbs. This one cuts me up every time.

Addiction Radio

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Depressed Immune System

If the smoke doesn't kill you maybe the common cold will. That would suck, huh?

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Get to the Marrow

Secret Room

Brittle Bones

Bones fracture easily, slight spinal curvature, loose joints, poor muscle tone. Oh the sweet sounds of cracking bones.

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